Zip lining Through Dublin Mountains

I promised my godchild, Kiki, that we would go zip lining, so for her 11th birthday we went to Zipit in Tibradden in the Dublin Mountains. Her sister Ellie (aged 9) and her cousin Sadhbh (aged 13) came too and it was hard to tell who was more excited!


If you have kids, nieces, nephews or you are a big kid this is the place to go! It’s only a 25-minute drive from Dublin city centre and it is surrounded by the pine forest of Tibradden Wood.

On arrival, an instructor greeted us and gave me a form to complete, then it was straight into our harnesses! The instructor gave us a demonstration, which at first seemed like a lot to take in but we got the hang of it pretty quickly.  Ellie and I stayed at the beginner’s level, while Kiki and Sadhbh flew through the obstacles and continued on to the next level. Ellie and I stuck together until Ellie grew braver and wanted to go to the next level too. How hard could it be? The course was for 9-11yr olds!

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We all went to the next level together. Kiki first, then Ellie, then Sadhbh and I went last…to keep an eye on the girls. My legs were like jelly. At this stage, I realised my fear of heights. I had tears of pride (and fear) as I watched Ellie conquer the obstacles ahead of me. Helped and encouraged by her older sister, she made it. I  didn’t hide my fear so well but I made it in the end, encouraged all the way by the girls!


Sadhbh wanted to go higher and give the next level a go. She almost didn’t but one of the lovely instructors gently encouraged her and off she went. Ellie couldn’t watch and I don’t blame her. She did it! At the end of the course she was shaking but absolutely chuffed. We were all so proud.

Sadhbh braving new heights

We started our day in Zipit at 10.30am, stayed the maximum of four hours and loved every minute of it. We even did birthday cupcakes and candles! Watching the girls zip in and out of the obstacles was brilliant. I cannot recommend this place highly enough.

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